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Fatcat & Fishface released their first album 'Horrible Songs for Children' in 1997. They wanted to see if there was a market for their weird and wonderful brand of music for children. The answer came back loud and clear.

Now they boast seven titles, including the successful compilation 'The Bestest & Horriblest Songs for Children' and 'Birdbrain', their tribute to the native birds of New Zealand.

Fatcat & Fishface's cheeky style has been compared to The Simpsons, Roald Dahl and Spike Milligan. They have won awards in New Zealand (a Tui for Best Children's album) and the USA (Children's Music Web) and their animated music clips have been invited to festivals around the world, and screen on television.
pretty ugly meanie dogbreath selfish shellfish Horrible song for children
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The Wreck of the Diddley screened at film festivals in Melbourne, Korea and London

First year animation student Meg Howie came up with this funny but ultimately gory music video of We Are All Animals. we all are animals
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